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What if  is an installation that examines our perspectives towards the future. It explores the impacts of positive predictions and on the other hand, lack of them in our time. The predictions are related to the true democratic production of natural resources, the stopped rising of the average temperature of the earth and the revival of the population of pollinators. 


What if we could read true, positive facts about the future of humankind and nature? Would the predictions then be self-fulfilling? Predictions can also end up being like mantras that someone today or in the future would repeat and find comfort on the verge of impending catastrophes. 


Green animated texts that run through the installation’s two screens are combined with sculptural elements realized with different techniques. The Fresnel lenses create an optical illusion of a three-dimensional sphere on top of the two-dimensional surface. 


The texts are animated by illustrator Pirita Tolvanen.


The piece was exhibited at Exhibition Laboratory, Dimensions Tomorrow -group exhibition in Helsinki 2019.


Size: 80cm x 80cm x 20cm, 7pcs

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